About Us

Our History

The beginning   

Ferro Block & Tile Inc. was originally founded in 1974 in the Mexican city of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas under the name “Hinojosa Materiales” by Mr. Rogelio Hinojosa Barrera and his father and biggest supporter, Don Raul Hinojosa Garcia. 

They focused on supplying construction companies with building materials such as block, cement, steel rods, hardware and plumbing.   

Mr. Rogelio Hinojosa did not rely only on the help of his father, but also his wife Mrs. Asteria Garcia de Hinojosa, who helped him maintain quality in service and growth and eventually helped them to transition into the name Ferro Block.      

Rio Grande Valley   

In 1986, their success allowed them to expand their service area into the Rio Grande Valley and after a high demand for their products several service locations were opened.   

4 generations of service   

Ferro Block & Tile was and still is a family business. Its success is the result of family values and the help of every family member.    

Rogelio and Asteria’s children, Maria del Rosario, Raul and Rogelio Jr., along with their families soon joined the ranks of Ferro Block and Tile Inc. maintaining their commitment to great products and service.   

Ferro Block and Tile Inc. continues the family tradition of not only servicing their many clients but also the community in which they live.   

It has been 43 since the foundation of hard labor and love was created by Don Raul and Rogelio and now their children and grandchildren continue to embark in their passion of providing South Texas with great products, imports, quality service and value.    

Our Logo

Icon: The diamond shape symbolizes ascension, clarity, wisdom and in some cultures it simbolizes birth. 


Yellow: Air

Green: Earth 

Blue: Water

Orange: Fire

Our Mission & Vision

Ferro Block & Tile is transitioning into a new era of growth and evolution. As a company, we want to help fuse our core values and beliefs to help our customers with every remodeling or home improvement project. 

Our Mission

Our family's mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality in products, imports and service. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep our focus on the excellence of our company while striving for continuous growth as a company.